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Expressing Compassion for the Community

Client Care Coordinator
Veterinary Technician
Veterinary Assistant

The role of a Client Care Coordinator is a crucial position and is highly prioritized at Cleveland Animal Hospital.  The focus of the client services department is to ensure each point of client contact receives a welcoming and cheerful greeting while helping to guide their visit seamlessly from scheduling appointments to financial transactions.  All efforts should be made to be familiar with the daily activities and current client information, assist each client as completely as possible throughout the visit and provide an attractive and inviting atmosphere for client service.

Cleveland Animal Hospital relies heavily of the veterinary technical services department in numerous ways for hospital operation.  Performing laboratory testing and medical therapy to hospitalized patients is only a portion of the many responsibilities faced by these individuals.  Veterinary technicians work closely with each client ensuring that information is conveyed and questions are answered so that a thorough understanding of each circumstance is held by all.  Inventory management, product discussions and demonstration of routine at-home procedures are just a few of the additional daily tasks encountered by these well versed team members.

Serving as a veterinary assistant on the team at Cleveland Animal Hospital is truly a rewarding opportunity.  While utilizing techniques of reduced fear visits, a more direct and hands on experience is shared with our patients working to provide for all aspects of their medical needs.  Focus is placed on monitoring progress during recovery, encouraging proper nutrition as assigned, offering an affectionate embrace and adequate restraint when needed, and ensuring hygiene and sanitation at all times.

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