Comprehensive laboratory

   Cleveland Animal Hospital is proud to have a modern, comprehensive in-house laboratory capable of generating anxiously awaited bloodwork results in minutes, making the diagnosis and management of your pet's concerns in a timely manner our top priority.  From in-depth cell counts and chemistry reports for organ function to routine fecal and cytology exams, we strive to be as thorough as possible while still adding value to our patient's care.  When the need arises for more intricate and detailed testing including endocrine studies and biopsy exams, Cleveland Animal Hospital works closely with a well-known veterinary reference laboratory where results can be expected quickly, sometimes even the next day.  If your loved one is experiencing illness or you just need the peace of mind knowing nothing is being overlooked, schedule you appointment for screening bloodwork with any of our compassionate team members.

Digital radiology

    The field of radiology has been drastically changing over the last several years, and Cleveland Animal Hospital desires to stay in the forefront by offering it's clients the benefit of a sophisticated digital radiology system.  With crystal clear views and rapid results, the radiograph examination has become more diversified than ever allowing images to be obtained in much greater detail than with conventional technology.  This translates into a more accurate method of obtaining information relating to the issues faced by your pet, and Cleveland Animal Hospital would be proud to offer you the benefits based on your individual needs.

Allergy testing

    Allergy concerns are faced by many pets, and just like their human companions these individuals are plagued with a variety of illnesses ranging from skin and respiratory to gastrointestinal diseases.  At Cleveland Animal Hospital our goal is to help your loved one cope with these everyday challenges so we have partnered with VARL, a respected allergy testing lab, to offer serum allergy testing to those in need.  With just a small blood sample numerous allergy sources can be screened so that a targeted approach to allergy management can be achieved.  



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