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Preventive Care

Routine physical exams:

    The team at Cleveland Animal Hospital puts great emphasis on the physical examination as a tool to helping your pet live a healthier, longer life.  With each physical exam, a comprehensive approach is used to evaluate your pet addressing not only your concerns but possibly pointing out issues for which you were unaware.  Whether the need be a simple wellness exam or more in-depth dental, allergy or nutritional counseling, Cleveland Animal Hospital will be pleased to serve in any way possible.


   Vaccinations are an integral part of enjoying a healthy life and are advocated by the team of Cleveland Animal Hospital.  Recognizing that not all pets maintain the same behaviors and habits, a personalized program is developed to assist in the prevention of prevalent diseases and any which may be problematic for your pet.  While no vaccination is 100% protective, taking this step is a vital way of reducing the risks encountered by your pet on a daily basis. 

Parasite exams:

    Family pets are exposed to parasites such as intestinal worms, heart worms, fleas and ticks continually so keeping them free from the issues these pests create requires regular monitoring and prevention.  The team at Cleveland Animal Hospital not only advocates regular screening for common parasitic diseases, but also offers a targeted line of products directed towards preventing unwanted problems.  Please allow us to assist in developing your pet's parasitic prevention program today. 

Routine blood screening:

   Part of preventive care is screening for unseen concerns which may be lessened, delayed or even prohibited from occurring once detected.  Just like their human counterparts, pets experience both age-related and breed associated illnesses which can be debilitating and reduce their quality of life.  As part of an "internal physical exam," Cleveland Animal Hospital can help devise a preventive blood screening program to assist in areas such as early disease detection, monitoring the effects of commonly used prescription medications and even unmasking regularly encountered endocrine disorders.  We would certainly welcome the opportunity to discuss preventive screening for pets of all ages. 

Nutritional counseling:

    As seen in our modern culture, nutrition issues plague our society and are regularly a topic of discussion.  Cleveland Animal Hospital can offer tips for nutritional management for many aspects of life ranging from obesity prevention and weight loss to therapeutic diets formulated for systemic diseases.

Pain management:

   Coping with injury and age does not always have to be a painful process, and this most certainly applies to veterinary patients as well.  Even though many pets do not express discomfort through verbal means, either changes in mood and behavior or decreased appetite and activity may signify an issue which should be addressed.  Whether it is arthritis, soft tissue injury or even post-surgical recovery, Cleveland Animal Hospital looks to improve the quality of each patient’s life when needed through proper pain management.


    Microchip placement has been advocated by numerous veterinary professionals and has become a standard among many adoption facilities.  The use of a microchip as a source of pet identification offers peace of mind for many clients in the event that a pet becomes lost.  At Cleveland Animal Hospital we proudly support microchip placement and utilize a universal microchip scanner in our hospital for screening on each newly found patient or those known to be previously adopted.  Ask us how your family may benefit from this form of security and schedule your appointment today.

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