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    Emergency situations are a stressful time for you and your loved one.  The knowledgeable team at Cleveland Animal Hospital recognizes that rapid attention and client awareness are vital to overcoming these circumstances.  With this in mind, we certainly place priority on any animal presented in distress and thank our gracious and supportive clients for their understanding.  Vehicular trauma, labored breathing and toxic ingestion are only a few of the common occurrences suffered by our family pets, but our compassionate team is ready to assist in the management of these and other potentially life threatening issues. 

    Cleveland Animal Hospital accepts emergency pet appointments as they arise during business hours. Based on the reason for the emergency presentation, certain situations may only allow for triage and stabilization of your pet and may require referral to one of the local specialty groups. If the need arises, all efforts will be made to hep in the referral process. If problems present themselves during the evening hours, we rely on the experienced staff of Urgent Vet of Belmont and Carolina Animal Specialty and Emergency of Hickory to assist in the stabilization and overnight care of these critical patients.

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